Mini Nipple Covers

Adult Product Type: Stripper Clothes

Mini Nipple Covers

You will love our Mini Nipple Covers , Mini Pasties and Mini Pastease for small Nipples, and less coverage for girls. Our wildly popular Mini Pasties can be worn as a Mini Bra to cover your nipples, or under clothing to keep your nipples from showing or showing your headlights. They’re just SOO cute! Pastease Minis are for the extreme TEASE and not for the faint of heart or self-conscious. Minis are for smaller nipples, or when you want to show off all your assets to their fullest extent. Whatever the reason, minis are simply smaller versions of our full size nipple covers. Each set comes with three (3) different pair as shown with one Pastease Mini pair of Rockstars, Sweetys and Circles in each set. Pastease Minis use the same waterproof, Sweat proof, medical-grade adhesive as our other Pastease. They are great for that special strip tease, daring swim wear or titillating sheer outfit.

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