Switching Sexual Partners Volume 3

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Switching Sexual Partners Volume 3

Switching sexual partners is part of the voyeur series and switching parters can be the beginning of incredible sex. Switching partners in bed is certain to arouse you and your partners intrique about the fascination in switching sexual partners. In switching partners, best friends, Mike and Gina, are both coming out of bad relationships have sex together. Can their friendship survive their passion after realizing they are perfect for each other? In Three?s Company, a woman uses her boyfriend to seduce a virgin girlfriend, and the sexual newcomer shows herself to be quite the master of physical passion and pleasure. In The Psychiatrist Couch, a couple goes to a sex therapist to find the passion they once had for each other. In Night Shift, a late night at the office provides an evening of unexpected pleasure. In Unbridled Passion, an attractive young couple ? Caucasian male and Black female ? is at first drawn to each other by sex alone. After exploring their fears and prejudices, they discover a shared sense of values – integrity and family. In The Makeover, a woman after a complete makeover undergoes a remarkable physical transformation lifting her self-esteem as her lover comes to appreciate her newfound sexuality. Voyeur Volume 3 is approximately 90 minutes long.

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